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Lopscoop is the most popular news and infotainment app in India. It covers all breaking news including sports news, trending news, headline news, local news, daily news, entertainment news, Bollywood news, and video news, etc. This news is in several kinds of regional languages in India like Hindi, Tamil, Bengal, Telugu and more. It really can be seen as the best mobile NEWSPAPER in India.

As the best news app in India, it also offers the chance to earn money online. You can make money while reading the top news, watching funny videos, and sharing lol pictures. Besides it, you can participate in the lucky wheel event, and you will have a 100% chance to get extra money.


: Get the latest news from the entertainment world. You can now stream all the events from Bollywood to Hollywood to Tollywood. It brings you the hottest gossip, rumors, and scandals involving celebrities.

: Become the first-to-know of cricket news, upcoming match schedules, game previews, highlight spots, and result of every cricket game. Stay updated on the performance of Indian cricket team in every tournament.


: Searching for the latest fashion trends? Get ready for the inside scoop on how to live your most fashionable life. LopScoop gives you news about the High-flying trendsetters in the fashion world.

: Most people will have an urge to travel sometimes. For them, this could be a life-changing year. LopScoop makes your adventure achievable by giving you tips about the beautiful destinations you can visit.

: Food is not simply a stuff that people eat when they’re hungry. A mutual love of food can bring different people together and can make the saddest person feel a little better. LopScoop fills your appetite by providing delicious recipes

: Good Health is the greatest blessing in life. Person of good health can put through a large amount of work in a short time. LopScoop shows you the ways to stay healthy. It also updates you on the latest health issues.

: Get relationship advice on love, dating, marriage, sex, parenting, improving your communication skills, interpersonal relationships and much more!

: Good parenting is more important than a good school to the academic success of a child. In a nutshell, parents are the best teachers of every child. LopScoop gives you numerous tips to help you bring up your child in a better and effective way.

: There is a great mix of free videos including funny videos, viral videos, news videos, movie clips, TV shows clips, music videos, Hindi video songs, etc. The more breaking news is waiting for you to experience.


: The app provides News in Hindi, Tamil, Bengal, Telugu, Mahratti, English and more to feed your news reading habit.

: Reading news or sharing interesting news on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & more, inviting friends, and checking in, do these to earn extra money online.

More amazing features of daily news and money making are updated in every two weeks. We are doing our best to offer high-quality news, a nice experience of LopScoop news, and become the best mobile Indian newspaper. Please get in touch with us to share your valuable feedback. If you enjoy using the news app, do give us a 5-star rating.


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Good App Guaranteed!

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